List: I Feel Better About Myself and My Life When …

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*Updated 12/9/18

  1. I wake up earlier rather than later
  2. I move more than I sit
  3. I keep time spent sitting in front of the computer to a minimum
  4. I spend less time on Facebook
  5. I eat healthy
  6. I don’t eat sugar
  7. I don’t eat out
  8. I walk daily
  9. I run
  10. I pray in tongues
  11. I avoid drinking coffee
  12. I pray in the morning
  13. I read books
  14. I avoid things that stimulate lust
  15. I pursue purity and integrity
  16. I am outgoing and reaching out to people
  17. I serve at church
  18. I make decisions that are best for the well-being of others
  19. I get adequate sleep
  20. I do not allow myself to become anxious

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